5W-40 Black Edition 4L

5W-40 Black Edition 4L

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5W-40 Black Edition Luxury Drive

Premium ultramodern synthetic oil with the AMC synergetic formula and extended operational characteristics. Applied to passenger cars and light trucks.


  • Effective for modern cars with high-powered engines, including those equipped with turbocharger, intercooling, direct injection, catalyst converter, as well as multivalve engines
  • Manufactured according to mid SAPS technology and provides the increased service life of EG catalytic converters and particulate filters
  • Long life oil, is used in engines with prolonged oil change intervals
  • Prolongs the service life of units for additional purification of exhaust gases, keeps the engine perfectly clean
  • Recommended for application in new engines for optimal run-in (without metal losses in form of shavings) and preserves its perfect condition during the whole operation period
  • Due to the 2D sliding agent, considerably increases fuel economy, reduces friction losses, especially by engine start and at idle
  • Specially adapted for operation at increased temperatures in LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) engines
  • Increases compression in cylinders, engine power and acceleration capability

Overview of the 3 additive components


The XADO patented additive restores worn surfaces by forming a metal-ceramic layer at high pressure and temperature points.


Ensures ultra-light sliding between the engine parts and reduces friction losses to an absolute minimum.


Protects the engine from oil film breakage and thus additionally protects against wear.